Undead T-Rex Dinosaur Miniature | 28mm scale with a 4" by 4" base, perfect for a D&D Tomb of Annihilation campaign


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Raised by the dark magics of an unknown Necromancer to do his bidding, this Undead T-Rex roams the tropical forests of Chult, feeding its insatiable appetite on the flesh of the living and any unfortunate souls who happen to cross its path.

Grab undead dinosaur miniature - perfect for a Tomb of Annihilation Dungeons and Dragons campaign or other tabletop RPGs!

It has been made using a robust PLA so that it has a very solid construction whislt keeping the model light weight for it's size. We have prepared and pre-primed this miniature in black with a grey zenathol highlight so that it's ready to paint out of the box! Our paint seal provides an unmatched level of detail as well as protecting the model by offerning an additonal sealing layer.

Height 12.5cm & Long 19cm and mounted on a 4" by 4" base for "Gargantuant" monsters.


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