Adult Silver Dragon Miniature | 28mm Scale - Huge size - Perfect for Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder


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A silver dragon is a winged reptilian four-legged creature, well muscled, with a long tail that can make up to one third of their total length.[1] When they first hatch from a large egg, silver dragons are known to be upwards of 8 feet long, and grow quickly

This large tabletop miniature has been created at the perfect scale to represent an Adult Silver dragon. The model stands at approximately 10cm tall, 12cm long and 9cm wide. It's base footprint approximately covers a 3" by 3" size grid which is the right size for this imposing monster - to wreak havok and strike fear into your heroes.

Printed with PLA termal plastic and pre-primed with a matt black undercoat and grey Zenithal highlight top coat - ready to paint!

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