Deer Lord! Card Game | Hilarious party game for 4-8 people - get ready to be competitively silly!


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“Deer Lord! Did you just smell my armpit?” That’s the kind of thing you might say while playing this hilarious game. It’s a wet-your-pants laughing kind of experience!

Each player draws 5 cards. The first person to get rid of all five cards wins. In your hand you either have dupe or duel cards. A dupe challenge is something you must do so that others notice but don’t call you on it. If they catch you and yell out “DEER LORD!” they must tell you what your card says. If they were correct, you must draw a new card. So, it is just better to be doing weird things all the time so you can get away with your real dupe.

The other kind of card in your hand is a duel challenge. When it is your turn you may play a duel but not continue to act out any dupes. A duel allows you to challenge another player of your choice to some ridiculous contest which brings much enjoyment to everyone else. Who can recite the best poem about another person? Or who can do a hand stand the longest? Don’t worry, there is a way to discard something you just really prefer not to do.

If you don’t want to duel when it comes your turn you can confess all the dupes you performed while other players were dueling. Someone had to have seen you doing the dupe for you to be able to send your card to the discard pile. If not, you must draw a new card.

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