BARPIG | After Hours

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BARPIG After Hours is the brand new sequel in the BARPIG games series, that can be played stand-alone or as…

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BARPIG | After Hours

BARPIG After Hours is the brand new sequel in the BARPIG games series, that can be played stand-alone or as a modular expansion to the highly successful original game: BARPIG – The Adventure Party Game.

Taking the competitive card-based party game with hilarious group challenges to the dark side, BARPIG After Hours contains 10 brand new nefarious characters and 14 new deliciously vindictive item cards.

Easy to learn, wickedly fun to play, and guaranteed to bring our everyone’s malevolent side, it’s the perfectly wicked party game for anywhere, with anyone, at anytime.

Get ready to play mean, dirty and messy. Oh, and there will be evil pigs!

One pack of BARPIG: After Hours, containing 10 Brand new villainous characters and 14 torturous items including 9 brand new types come together in a stack of 72 cards, with a dice, in a portable flip-top box.

BARPIG takes some of the best parts from games such as Munchkin, Exploding Kittens, and Ring of Fire, and combines these alongside new and ingenious game mechanics into a single highly portable game. Players are continuously engaged throughout gameplay that features high levels of wit and humour, themed around a group of adventuring pigs challenging each other in a medieval tavern. Easy to learn, fun to play, it’s the perfect party game for anywhere, with anyone, at anytime.




First player to reach level 5 wins. Each player has set up in front of them a Level card, Bar Tab card, and a Character card. The Level card tracks the player’s current level and sober point (damage system), whilst the Bar Tab tracks the player’s ‘Drinks’ (monetary resource).

Each round all players roll a dice. Whoever rolls the highest gains a level and uses their Character card’s power. This is a fun challenge that involves everyone in a fun and silly activity. Failing the challenge costs one Sober point and a number of Drinks from the Bar Tab.
In between rounds players can restore Drinks back to their Bar Tab, or gain Item cards. These Item cards can be played at any time, and have a myriad of effects from forcing another player to lose resources, stealing a player’s turn, or even cancelling other items. There are 5 “Time to go Home!” cards amongst the items that change player’s characters, and challenges, throughout the game. The game continues with the next round until someone reaches the winning level.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Very funny game if you play with the ‘right’ group for this kind of game. No partypoopers allowed 😉

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