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Boj – Giggly Holiday VOL.2 [DVD]

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When Boj the Bilby pops up in Giggly Park to play with his new buddies he brings all his fun…

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Boj – Giggly Holiday VOL.2 [DVD]

When Boj the Bilby pops up in Giggly Park to play with his new buddies he brings all his fun Boj-ey ways with him! Boj loves to help his friends and neighbours with brilliant Boj-a-boom ideas to make stuff from other stuff. His improvised Boj-ing makes everyone happy and bonds the whole community together like never before.


  • Giggly Holiday – Boj discovers that the Twitches haven’t had a holiday. So he has a Boj-a-boom idea and asks Mr Cloppity and the buddies to help him create a mini Hawaii in Giggly Park as a big surprise for the Twitches. Aloha!
  • Picnic in the Park – Boj, Mimi and Pops are excited about joining the Woofs for a family picnic. When rain sadly puts a halt to the festivities, Boj has an idea for an outside-inside picnic
  • Let’s Get Rummaging Boj has a Boj-a-boom idea to reuse Mrs Bleat’s unwanted rummage sale items to create a new, one-of-a-kind fountain!
  • Picky Eater – Boj and Mia are invited to Rupa’s for pizza but Mia doesn’t like eating mixed-up food. Can Boj help Mia enjoy dinner at the Nibblits’s house with the mix-it-up song?
  • Pops Outback Trek – Boj digs up Mr Cloppity’s old time capsule. Pops is homesick, so Boj cheers him up by recreating an outback trek. Will Pops realise that he doesn’t have to miss home?
  • The Peace Prize -The mayor is coming to judge the Best Park Competition and the buddies are helping tidy up. But when everything spills from Mr Cloppity’s buggy, how will they hide the mess?
  • The Duckling – Rupa discovers a little lost duckling. How can they get it to swim to its family on the duck-pond island? With Mia’s toy duck and Boj’s boj-a-boom idea!
  • Boj-a-Balloon – Denzil attaches some party balloons to his toy penguin and he blows away in a breeze, so Boj comes up with an idea to get the beloved Mr Freezie back
  • The Sleep Under – Pops and Mimi are in charge of the tearaway Twitchlets at Boj’s sleepover. But what will ever settle them down? A Boj-a-boom idea to create a contraption that will rock them to sleep of course!
  • Keeping Mr Cloppity – When the buddies mishear Mr Cloppity say something is worn out and needs to leave the park, they think he means he is leaving and set about getting him to stay


  • The Amazing Cloppity “Surprising Song” – Karaoke Music Video
  • Bedtime For Rupa “Giggly Lullaby” – Karaoke Music Video
  • Boj And The Booms “Do The Boj” – Karaoke Music Video
  • Printable colouring in sheets Pops, Mimi & Mr Cloppity

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