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Disney Aladdin Street Rat Costume


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Aladdin knows exactly how to stay one jump ahead of the breadline. He knows how to stay one jump ahead…

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Aladdin knows exactly how to stay one jump ahead of the breadline. He knows how to stay one jump ahead of the swing of the sword. After all, how else would he be able to find his way to the treasure room containing Genie’s magical lamp? How else would be able to befriend the flying Carpet? How else would he be able to defeat Jafar to save his one and only love? Yeah, it’s definitely a good thing to be one step ahead of the game and even though he might be a lowly street rat, he’s got a lot of knowledge to share with the world. He also happens to have a rather charming outfit, perfect for anyone who’s looking to head out on a brand new adventure.

This adult Aladdin costume turns you into Prince Al, before he got his fancy prince duds. Yes, this costume comes with a shirt, vest and pants set that recreates his street rat style, so you can give your own rendition of One Jump Ahead (and perhaps woo a princess of your own). The shirt is a tunic style top and the purple fits over top. The pants have a baggy fit and fit with elastic around the waist. The pants also come with an attached waist sash, which recreates the look of Aladdin’s belt from the movie. Finally, you need a fez hat if you’re going to role play as your favorite Disney street rat! This costume comes with a small red hat that fits on your head that pins to your head with a bobby pin (bobby pins not included).

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