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Deep in their subterranean lairs, Monsters wander the halls, guarding their treasures. Why not kick open some doors, fight with…

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Munchkin: Dungeon – Board Game | Steve Jackson Games

Deep in their subterranean lairs, Monsters wander the halls, guarding their treasures. Why not kick open some doors, fight with them, and take that loot for yourself? That seems like a pretty good plan. In the end, all that fighting and looting is bound to gain you some notoriety. But who will be most-famous?

In Munchkin Dungeon, players take on the role of Heroes, each with their own unique special abilities, who are bound and determined to get some new gear via slaying Monsters. They will head down into the depths of the Dungeon board, fighting everything they meet along the way. When they get to the final chamber and reach the Boss, it will be a showdown for the ages. In the end, the Hero who collects the most Fame is the winner.

  • Who Will Become the Most Famous Munchkin Dungeoneer?
  • No Two Dungeons Alike: With different Monsters and different Bosses to choose from or select randomly, no two games of Munchkin Dungeon are ever quite the same
  • Unique Heroes: Each Hero not only has two unique special abilities to set them apart from the others, but they also gain different bonuses as they level up, allowing players to try different styles each time they play
  • Great Figures: The Heroes, as well as many of the Monsters, are represented on the table by highly-detailed miniature figures based on Munchkin’s characteristic artwork

Box Contains

2 Super Munckin Dashboards
2 Super Munckin Figures
5 Hero Dashboards
5 Hero Figures
5 Roaming Monster Figures
10 Monster Room Cards
12 Empty Room Cards
5 Roaming Monsters
6 Boss Cards
2 Boss Figures
5 Counter Bases
6 Fight Dice
1 Dungeon Board
60 Loot Cards
60 Threat Cards
5 Fame Trackers
16 Threat Tokens
62 Coin Tokens
12 Potion Tokens
35 Damage Tokens
18 Shame Tokens
5 Level Tracker


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Additional information

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Product Reviews

2 reviews for Munchkin: Dungeon – Board Game | Steve Jackson Games

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    As I had already been introduced to this game by friends, I knew before arrival that I would like the general gameplay. I was somewhat dubious about having the game with no expansions as my friend has quite a few and there are plenty out there.
    After a few plays I now know my fears were unwarranted as there is enough variety in the game without expanding, at least for a while.

    The game has become a firm favourite of the kids of the house, being their first request on game nights nine times out of ten. It can take a bit of time to get to grips with the rules, particularly the younger the player but once it’s sunk in it’s not too complex.
    Would recommentld for families and adult groups alike.

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  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’m not a typical or regular board game player, and this is definitely something I would previously have passed on – however this game is tons of fun!

    I was persuaded to give this a go for the holiday period by a family member and so bought it.
    It did initially seem a bit of boring to get into as the rules are so long and many, however once we got through this initial section the fun started.

    The game can be played by just 2 people but I would recommend 4-6 people.
    The aim of the game is to reach level 10. You can do this by working together or by ganging up on other players to get them out of the game.
    Think of a more adversarial version of monopoly!

    I would definitely recommend this for anyone wanting some fun,

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