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No Way! | The Card Game from Cheatwell

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If you’re familiar with ‘Would I Lie to You’, ‘Call My Bluff’ or ‘Balderdash’ you’ll get the hang of this…

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No Way! | The Card Game from Cheatwell

If you’re familiar with ‘Would I Lie to You’, ‘Call My Bluff’ or ‘Balderdash’ you’ll get the hang of this game instantly. Pick a card and read out or make up a statement, and your opponents have to guess whether your statement is accurate or made-up – if you fool them, you get points and if they spot your bluff they get points. It’s a nice, simple and easy to play.

Where this game comes into its own though is in its inclusivity. Games like Balderdash can be a bit scary for some players, it’s a lot of pressure to come up with a full made up definition on the spot – in No Way, Creating Games have cleverly included a variety of options so that no matter how unconfident you are, you will always have an option you feel comfortable with:

On each card there are four options to pick from – an Accurate answer (A) and a completely made-up answer (C for Codswallop). Sometimes the Codswallop sounds more true than the Accurate one! Then there are Bluffs (B) where you are given the start of a sentence, for example “It is a little known fact that Bill Clinton once ______”, which is really helpful if you want to make something up but don’t know where to start. Then finally there’s the “Double Bluff” option which rewards you with double points if you can pull it off – with this option you are given only a theme such as “lost property” or “rare disease” to make up a statement for (and you can’t draw inspiration from the A-C sentences for that either). Fortune favours the brave!

By including these four options it guarantees to keep the game flowing and everyone having fun. It’s a great game to play with families or with friends and thoroughly recommended. For adult groups check out the NSFW version “OMFG” too!

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