Questeros Card Game & Tarot Deck

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  Questeros is a fun, strategic, trick taking card game using a fantasy based 78 card tarot deck combined with…

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Questeros Card Game & Tarot Deck


Questeros is a fun, strategic, trick taking card game using a fantasy based 78 card tarot deck combined with elements of classic RPG gaming.

Players will have 10 cards each round, over a series of 10 rounds. Each round involves ten turns of each person playing a card. Each card has a value and a ranking, the highest ranking card will earn a “Quest.”

At the beginning of each round each player must announce how many quests they expect to complete. If the correct number of Quests is achieved a player earns 100 Gold per Quest.

If a player earns too many or not enough Quests they will earn less gold, or have to pay gold.

The card ranks consist of four suits of cards numbered 1-14. The first card led in a turn becomes the Preferred Class,which other players must follow suit if they have one in their hand.
There are 22 Prestige cards which outrank all standard suits, and each has a unique ability that can influence the turn, the round, and even the game.

At the end of ten rounds of play, the player with the most Gold wins the game.

The deck is designed for the card game, but also has the divination properties of a Tarot deck. Guidelines for a Fate system will be provided for RPGs.


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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Very high quality presentation. Although designed as a tarot based game, the cards are very well thought out. They adhere fairly closely to traditional meanings with some very interesting interpretations. The cards are excellently produced and great art and bright colours

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