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Four factions of warriors battle to survive on a doomed land that will be destroyed piece by piece, taking its…

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Four factions of warriors battle to survive on a doomed land that will be destroyed piece by piece, taking its occupants with it. You must strategize to survive—by fleeing, fighting or sacrificing your weakest members—whatever you must do to be the last one left standing when the land around you has been annihilated.

Be the last one standing in a strategic fight to survive The Final Battle Royale!

  • On each turn, you can move three spaces and/or battle an opponent.
  • Watch as the Event Tracker counts down to the removal of one of the game board zones—get out before you lose members of your faction or choose to sacrifice those pieces.
  • When a zone is removed, a new Card is turned over to indicate the next zone to be removed.
  • Use Power Stones to make more moves or help win battles.
  • When you land in a space on the Game Board next to another player’s faction member, you can choose to battle.
  • To battle, each player involved rolls their Battle Die. The value they rolled, plus the value of their faction member, is their battle power. The player with the highest battle power wins the battle. The losing piece is removed from the Game Board.

The last player with a faction member(s) left on the Game Board is the winner of The Final Battle Royale!


Product Reviews

2 reviews for Reign: The Final Battle Royal | Board Game

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Adrian Harmon

    Glad I got this. Simple game to get up and running, which is perfect for me and my boys. They love it!

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    James Lasseter

    I played this game with friends and everyone really enjoyed it we played it a few times now and will play it more

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