The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III Early Enrollment Edition (PS4) (Playstation 4)

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Trails of Cold Steel III throws the player in a world of intrigue and exciting adventure. He will visit never-before-seen…

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Trails of Cold Steel III throws the player in a world of intrigue and exciting adventure. He will visit never-before-seen places, as well as the Erebonian countryside, and meet new faces and old acquaintances. In an old trail style, this innovative RPG once again delivers a deep story with multi-layered characters and a revamped combat system. This title was first developed exclusively for PlayStation® 4.

Almost 1.5 years have passed since the Erebonian Civil War and many things have changed since then. The shadows of the past, ever-changing states, the internal policy of the Empire and the adventurous life of Rean Schwarzer pave the way to a new chapter of the world. Just a newly minted graduate of the Thor Military Academy, Rean, the hero of the first two parts, has risen from student to trainer in a newly established branch of the Academy. The branch quickly pushes itself onto the national stage. Here he takes the lead over the new Class VII and must lead a new generation of heroes into an uncertain future. Everything is still quiet, but the nefeless Ouroboros organization begins in the background with a conspiracy that could plunge the entire continent into a war.

Features:Early Enrollment Edition – Includes CD soundtrack, softcover artbook and double-sided reversible cover

The New Class VII – The player explores the world of the Empire with a new group of heroes and encounters new faces as well as old acquaintances. An immersive story – An epic story that spans three parts , offers excitement for newcomers as well as fans of the series. An interactive introduction gives new players the opportunity to learn the history of the older parts to plunge into the world of Trails of Cold Steel as soon as possible. Thanks to the revised combat system, the player can now defy all threats – a revamped combat system. New features such as the Brave Order and Break System add new possibilities to the fight.


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1 review for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III Early Enrollment Edition (PS4) (Playstation 4)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Aeric Ravenmoon

    Wie lange hab ich darauf gewartet, dass Trails of cold Steel 3 endlich zu uns kommt. Angefangen bei den ersten beiden Teilen für PS3; dann später die verbesserten Versionen auf PS4 und nun endlich geht es weiter.

    Die Handlung setzt zwei Jahre nach dem Ende des letzten Teiles ein! Unser Protagonist ist nun selbst Lehrer und unterrichtet an einer neuen Schule auf der anderen Seite der Hauptstadt als noch in den vorherigen Teilen. Doch die dunklen Vorzeichen kommen immer offensichtlicher zu Tage!

    Ich will nicht zu weit vorgreifen, da die Story sehr gut gemacht ist und Spoiler zu sehr schmerzen würden.

    Man trifft altbekannte Gesichter wieder, sieht was aus den alten Kameraden geworden ist; bekommt aber auch neue Personen vorgestellt und man hat auch wieder die Möglichkeit sich zu verlieben^^

    In der Early Enrollment Edition kommt, neben dem Spiel noch eine Soundtrack CD dazu mit den neuesten Tracks aus Teil 3.
    Mir hat das Abenteuer sehr gefallen und ich kann es nur empfehlen!

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