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The Mecha Hack | Mission Manual

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  The Mecha Hack: Mission Manual is the jam-packed follow-up to our Platinum-bestselling rules-lite mecha roleplaying game, The Mecha Hack….

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The Mecha Hack | Mission Manual


The Mecha Hack: Mission Manual is the jam-packed follow-up to our Platinum-bestselling rules-lite mecha roleplaying game, The Mecha Hack. More than 30 one-page missions, lovingly crafted by a diverse team of talented RPG designers, comprise everything from training missions, action-packed skirmishes, high-octane chases, perilous salvage, and everything in between.

  • More than 30 one-page missions for use with The Mecha Hack, complete with objectives, twists, and encounters
  • Gorgeous black-and-white illustrations from Brandish Gilhelm of Runehammer Games
  • Four new chassis: the supportive auxiliary, the devastating colossus, the monstrous hybrid, and the experimental vanguard
  • Four new pilots: the cybernetic bionic, the heavily armed merc, the otherworldly pariah, and the weary yet wise vet
  • New modules and equipment – swarm enemies with funnel drones, empower allies with Verilian batteries, unleash hails of micro-missiles, and collect scrap for repairs and upgrades
  • New add-on rules for on-foot missions, faction allegiance, environmental conditions, meta rewards for players, and more
  • New HARD MODE rules, which up the challenge, increase lethality on both sides of the battlefield, and provide more strategic opportunities for players
  • GM’s toolbox packed with inspirational roll tables and tools for creating your own objectives, obstacles, and enemies
  • More than 20 brand-new enemy statblocks – kaiju, starships, combining/transforming mecha, and more
  • Print-and-play standee miniatures and tokens for virtual tabletops included
  • Print-and-fold GM screen included with handy rules references and roll tables to provide on-the-fly inspiration


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1 review for The Mecha Hack | Mission Manual

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    jayson P Jones

    If you enjoy fast paced, theater of the mind gameplay, then the Mecha Hack is for you. This book is a robust supement to the Mecha hack and it contains enty of Missions/ d6 objective tables, and d6 plot twist for each mission/scenario. They also add guidelines on how to string certain scenarios together for longer Campaign play.

    There are also extra Mecha options and modules that add some “crunchy goodness” to flesh out the game and add more tactical weight to the game.

    Last but not least there is a rule for forming one Giant Mecha out of all the PCs Mechs which was ridiculosly fun.

    Awesome supplement

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