The Witchborn | War Mage Diary Expansion


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Bring Magic to Perdition This is the biggest expansion to spellcasters and The WitchBorn yet. Things are dire. Those who…

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The Witchborn | War Mage Diary Expansion

Bring Magic to Perdition
This is the biggest expansion to spellcasters and The WitchBorn yet. Things are dire. Those who fight The WitchBorn grow more desperate. Magic is the only power capable of saving Perdition.

Get over 100 reimagined spells
Pick from page after page of arcane gear and unreal beasts
Add magic wands attuned just to your spellcasters
Become a Necromancer, tame a dragon, and bring Golems to life
Add an Apprentice to free you from mundane chores
Learn even more eldritch lore for this Dark Fantasy game
Over 100 new templates to dramatically display your spell effects


We are at war!

Our WitchBorn enemy is undead and seemingly limitless, stealing our bodies even as we fall on the field of battle, stealing our strength, stealing our wisdom, stealing our training, and sometimes even stealing our memories.

We organize and plot. But how can we ever hope to succeed without the power that prayer and magic bring us against The WitchBorn threat?

Four join me in writing this supreme work. With their remarkable knowledge, guidance, and mastery, War Mage Diary teaches over one hundred spells from the elemental, the dark, and the Divine. This tome also warns of the dangers WitchBorn pose to Lhyonnesse, Kasel, Asylum, the Wandering Forest, and all of Perdition. We share lore and include a compendium of magical wands, arcane gear, and Unreal Beasts for young Adepts like yourselves.

Please master this work, add to it, and practice the magic held within until The WitchBorn are no more. Short of this, do not let this work fall into our enemies’ clutches for fear they turn this last hope against us.

Aric Stonemason
Hammer of Dur, Adept of the Divine


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