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In Touria, Princess Tara has decided to marry – but not just anyone, of course. She expects a lot from…

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In Touria, Princess Tara has decided to marry – but not just anyone, of course. She expects a lot from her husband-to-be: Heroic deeds and precious gifts are a must.

A group of bold adventurers set out to pit themselves against dragons, dig up gems from the haunted mines of the country – and make a good deal from time to time, since the father of the bride demands an appropriate price for his daughter’s hand. Touria’s dancing towers show the heroes the way, so the brave men and women go from one adventure to the next. Brave women? Of course – or have we forgotten to mention that Tara’s handsome brother, Prince Talan, is also of marriageable age?



The family game touria invites you to countless adventures in the land of the dancing towers! Who is brave, clever, and heroic enough to defeat dragons, collect gems and get the king’s blessing to marry princess tara or prince talan? Keep an eye on the dancing towers, they will lead you all the way to win the royal heart.

Each round you will choose from up to 4 actions, which the towers point in your direction at that moment.
Then you rotate the tower and start marching the band of heroes along the roads of touria to your chosen destination. On the way, you may collect gems from the magic mines you pass through before meeting one of the touria`s inhabitants. Eight different characters help you on your quest to fame and fortune. The player that uses their secrets best may race back to the castle and ask for the royal hand in marriage – if they are quick enough to find the right door!

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    We have now played three games of this and I love it. I love how you decide what action to do by using the rotating towers. I think that’s really clever. I also like the struggle of trying to reach your goal before the other. It’s fun moving a single co-used piece around the board. It’s just got this really fun like 1980s mythical adventure feel to it.

    Sarah on the other hand really does not like this game (I’m not really sure why – I’ll update later).

    We did play it with 4 players only once and the other two players LOVED this game. They wanted to play it again.

    I know a lot of people complain about the ended…well the rules say then don’t play that way and just end when you get to the castle so not sure what the problem is. Frankly I like the ending and it’s it’s part of the fun. If you want to be safe then take the time and build up your resources before you do to the castle OR risk it and go right away. I think it’s a cleaver part of the game.

    Overall if I can get Sarah to like this game more I think we have a winner. If not it will be a good game to play when we have friends over.

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